Tranen Contemporary Art Centre. Copenhagen, DK. 2015.

A site-specific exhibition focusing on how to approach architecture and institutions as being both haunted and hauntings. Through investigating spaces and objects of spectral and peripheral significations within Tranen and Gentofte Main Library, the exhibition attempts to reimagine the structure of the specific institution as a ghost-site. The architecture is haunted by the spectre of an actual flooding that destroyed large parts of the building in 2009, and also by the ghost of a possible future catastrophe.

1 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-35 small 2 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-39 small 3 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-33 small 4 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-25 small 5 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-20 small 6 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-26 small 7 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-34 small 8 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-47 small 9 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-13 small 10 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-18 small 11 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-36 small 12 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-10 small 13 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-11 small 14 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-40 small 15 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-41 small 16 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-49 small 17 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-21 small 18 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-32 small 19 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-22 small 20 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-43 small 21 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-45 small 22 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-38 small 23 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-1 small 24 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-2 small 25 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-7 small 26 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-6 small 27 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-5 small 28 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-4 small 29 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-3 small 30 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-8 small 31 Asbjørn Skou_Hauntings-9 small
Wall //
Exterritory 2. 84X125 cm. Photomontage.
Dyschronia (Total order secretly longing for its own destruction). 120X175 cm. Photomontage.
Hauntographies 1-5. 100X150 cm. Photography, graphite and colored pencil.
Exterritory 1. 84X120. Photomontage.
Dark Ooze of Cosmos and a Picture of an Idiotic Room. 90X68 cm. Photomontage.

Floor //
Poltergeist (178. The entire house starts to suck inward, imploding at an angle that suggests that the closet is consuming everything in its lust and anger). Bent steel frames. Size variable.
Negative space of precaution (we must keep at bay the muddy tide of occultism). Concrete casts of anti-flood sandbags and lashing strap. Size variable.
Spøgelsesgrund. Pallet, Marble floor tiles, lashing straps, xerox copy, plastic, concrete, dust.
Objekthobning (I will spook when spooken to). Water damaged cardboard box, insulation, plaster dust, concrete debris, PU foam, dust, fugus spores, glass, screws, xerox copy.
Dread / Against Architecture, Against Life. SX6 Kaeser compressor from the ventilation system running through Gentofte Main Library and Tranen, lashing strap, ooze.
Fremmaninger (What has risen may sink, and what has sunk may rise again). Recordings from floodings. Mp3 player and loudspeaker

Installation view photos by David Stjernholm