Asbjørn Skou.

Phone: +45 6061 8397
Instagram (@asbjorn_skou)

Asbjørn Skou is a visual artist from Copenhagen, Denmark. He works with drawings, text, and objects, to stage and examine relations between human and nonhuman agencies, and their possibilities for production of crisis and critique. His praxis forms fictions on spaces of interaction, as a means to navigate and negotiate political, cultural and historical landscapes.

Education/ 2004–2009 Academy of arts/ ‘Hochschule Für Kunst’ in Bremen, Germany.

Solo exhibitions

-Syng os en morgen af lys, fjer og skæl. Collaboration with Sif Itona Westerberg. M100, Odense, DK. 2018
-“Neon Dracula. Danske Grafikere”, København, DK. 2018.
-“Frothing, Foaming & Teeming”, Annual Reportt, København, DK. 2017.
-“ALGRTHM SHUDR”. HUTT, Nottingham, UK. 2017.
-“Misanthropologi”. Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg, DK. 2015.
-“Hauntings”. Tranen Contemporary Art Center. Copenhagen, DK. 2015.
-“A staggering territory”. Overgaden – Institut for Contemporary Art. Copenhagen, DK. 2015
-“An Enemy of Architecture”. Metropolis Laboratory. Copenhagen, DK. 2014.
-”Terminal Infrastructure”. Third Space. Copenhagen, DK. 2014.
-”A Hole Through the Future”. Munch Gallery. New York, USA. 2013
-”Unsite”, Part of the project ”Lets pretend we live here”. Atelier123. Sockholm, SE. 2013.
-”Science Fiction Archaeology”, SDU/ Art and Science. Odense, DK. 2013.
-”Should The Light Not Take Us”, Galleri Profilen. Aarhus, DK. 2012.
-”Impossible Society”, Vejle Museum of Art. Vejle, DK. 2011.
-”Nocturne On A Drainpipe Flute”, WAS-Wonderland Art Space. Copenhagen, DK. 2010.
-”Markeringer”, Temporary light installation in the urban space. Sjaeloer Hotspot and the municipal of Copenhagen. Sjaeloer, DK. 2010.
-”Drawn Towards the Present”, Signal Gallery. London, UK. 2010.
-”Registreringer”, Temporary light installation in the urban space. Sjaeloer Hotspot and the municipal of Copenhagen. Sjaeloer, DK. 2010.
-”ZettelKasten”, We Are Related. Copenhagen, DK. 2010.
-”Passage/værker”, LYSLYD, Copenhagens International theatre and the municipal of Frederiksberg. Copenhagen, DK. 2010.
-”Man, Dream and Fear”, In connection with the exhibition by Palle Nielsen by the same name. Museum of Cycladic Art. Athen, GR. 2009.
-”A Horrible Jungle”, I.D Gallery. Berlin, DE. 2009.
-“T e o t w c a w w m J n a s t.” Andenken Gallery. Denver, USA. 2009.
-”That Dog Called Hope”, 5INone Gallery. New York, USA. 2007.

Selected group exhibitions

-“Drawing Attention”. Den Frie Centre for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, DK. 2019.
-“Performing the Fringe”, two year research & exhibition project. Stockholm, Pori, Villinus. SE, SF, LT. 2019-20.
-“Albedo”. Bonamatic. Copenhagen, DK. 2019.
-“Entanglements, Embodiments, Positions”. Treignac Projet, Treignac, FR. 2018.
-“Klonien II”. Kolonien, Haveforeningen ABC. KBH, DK. 2018
-“A New We”. Kunsthall Trondheim, Trondheim, NO. 2017.
-“He who makes mistakes on the eternal typewriter”. Drawing Center Diepenheim. Diepenheim, NL. 2017.
-“GMO Scarecrow”. Age of Aquarius, København, DK. 2017.
-“Mattering City”. SixtyEight Art Institute. Copenhagen, DK. 2016.
-”City Agents”. Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia, EKKM, Talinn, EST. 2016.
-“Heat Company”. Afterhowl. bruxelles, BE. 2016.
-“Papir Papir Papir”. Galleri Profilen, Århus, DK. 2016.
-”TRANSART – En forsamling på tværs af arter”. Dome Of Visions. Copenhagen, DK. 2015.
-“The Captive Portal Network”. Copenhagen Art week /SVK. Copenhagen, DK. 2015
-“Kollapsografi”. Metropolis. Copenhagen, DK. 2015.
-“The voyage out”. Group exhibition. Munkeruphus. DK. 2015.
-“If its fixed, break it”. Group exhibition. Gallery Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen, DK.2015.
-“Frisk Flugt – Growing silent”. New Shelter Plan. Copenhagen, DK. 2015.
-”Altarations: Built, Blended, Processed”. University galleries. Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. USA. 2015.
-“Young Danish Photography 14″. Photographic Center. Copenhagen, DK.2014.
-”Seepage through saturated porous media”. Westwerk. Hamborg, DE. 2014.
-Metropolis Laboratory. Copenhagen, DK. 2014.
-”One that points to the absence of what it depicts”. Torpedo18. 2013.
-”GSB 5 years”. Gallery Steinsland Berliner. Stockholm, SE. 2013.
-”Sound On Print”. Third Space. Copenhagen. DK. 2013.
-”Munch Represents”. Munch Gallery. New York. USA. 2013.
– City Leaks festival. Cologne. DE. 2013.
-”Variations on black”. Space Of Drawings. Copenhagen DK. 2013.
-Athens Video Art festival. Athens, GR. 2013.
-”Noget gammelt, noget nyt, noget lånt”. Marianne Friis Gallery. Copenhagen, DK. 2013.
-”Rock-Paper- Scissors”. Gallery LARM .Copenhagen, DK. 2012.
-”Rauma Biennale Balticum 2012 – Human Nature”. Rauma Art Museum. Rauma, FL. 2012.
-”Stedfortrædere” A collaboration with Sif Itona Westerberg. MOHS Exhibit. Copenhagen, DK. 2012.
-”Art Copenhagen”, MOHS. Copenhagen, DK. 2012.
-”Art Herning” V. Galleri Christoffer Egelund & MOHS. Herning, DK. 2012.
-”XMAS 11 / The Big Winter Show”. Gallery Christoffer Egelund. Copenhagen, DK. 2011.
-”Art Copenhagen”, MOHS. Copenhagen, DK. 2011.
-”Walk This Way”, KØS – Museum for Art in Public Spaces. Køge, DK. 2011.
-” BYOB”, Magazin-Verein zur Entwicklung und Erschließung der Künste. Vienna, A. 2011.
-”Evolution ID”, Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre, Athens, GR. 2010.
-”OWS10”, Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, SE. 2010.
-”Small Acts Of Resistance”, Black Rat Gallery. London, UK. 2010.
-”Wunderkammern – Lichtrouten Ludenscheid 2010”, Temporary light installation in the urban space, Curated by Bettina Pelz and Tom Groll. Ludenscheid, DE, 2010.
-”Art Copenhagen”, Wonderland Art Space. Copenhagen, DK. 2010.
-”Streets of Cairo”, Collaboration between danish and egyptian artists in public space. Cairo, EG. 2010.
-”Nytt Nordisk Arkiv”, Gallery Oro. Gothenburg, SE. 2010.
– ”Reservedele”, Wonderland Art Space, Øksenhallen & We Love People Gallery. Copenhagen, DK. 2010.
– ”Refuge”, Thinkspace Gallery. Los Angeles, USA. 2010.
-”Mixed Signals”, Signal Gallery. London, UK. 2009.
– ”People of Day and Night”, GLOW 09. Eindhoven, NL. 2009.
– ”Man, Dream and Fear”, Museum of Cycladic Art. Athens, GR. 2009.
– ”The Thousands,” Village Underground , London, UK. 2009.
– ”Aktion auktion”, Group exhibition/benefit auction for Iraqi asylum seekers. Kødbyen, København, DK. 2009.
-”I Know There Is Love”, Ad Hoc Art Gallery. New York, USA. 2009.
-“Street Art. Inspiration”, Vejle Kunstmuseum. Vejle, DK. 2009.
-”Mostly Memory”. Thinkspace Gallery. Los Angeles, USA. 2008.
-”Thinkspace at Gen Art Vanguard”, Art Basel Miami Beach. Miami, USA. 2008.
-”The Big Issue Benefit Show”, Group exhibition/benefit auction. Black Rat Press. London, UK. 2008.
– ”Poets of the Paste”, Ad Hoc Art Gallery. New York, USA. 2008.
-“Thieves Ladder”, Black Rat Press. London, UK. 2008.
-“RockFace d’Arm”, Fifty24SF Gallery. San Fransisco, USA. 2008.
-”Washington Projects of the Arts Auction”, Katzen Arts Center. Washington DC, USA. 2008.
-“NYC FREEART benefit show”, Ad Hoc Art Gallery. New York, USA. 2008.
-“The Print Show”, Black Rat Press. London, UK. 2008.
-“Coupling”, Charlotte Fogh Contemporary. Aarhus, DK. 2007.
-“White Noise”, Black Rat Press. London, UK. 2007.
-”Expanding stages”, Mural in foyer and staircase, Moks Kinder undJugend Theater. Bremen, DE. 2007.
-“Ungeren Udstiller”, Pressens Hus. Copenhagen, DK 2006.
-“Wooster on Spring Street”, Spring Street Project. New York, USA. 2006.
-“Miss Rockaway Amada benefit-art-auction”, Holasek-Weir Projects. New York, USA. 2006.
-“Periferika 06”, Interventions in public space in collaboration with Swoon. Bilbao, ES. 2006.
– “Citizens of Paradies”, Intervention in public space in the area “Tenever”, organized by “Quartier kultutbüro” as part of the project “Tenever/Paradies”. Bremen, DE. 2006.
-“Art auction in benefit for Daniel McGowan”, ABC No Rio. New York, USA.2006.
-”Forma Nova lyd festival og kultur projekt”. Temporary mural in collaboration with med Byraev, Afex Ventura and Die. Forma Nova Festival. Fredericia, DK. 2005.
-”BarricadA/S”, Collactive intervention and installation in public space, in collaboration with Jan Danebod. City Of Names. Berlin, DE. 2005.

Selected publications

-“A catalogue of disappointments”. Xeropolis. Copenhagen, DK. 2019. (solo)
-“Frothing, Foaming & Teeming”. Xeropolis. København, DK. 2017. (solo)
-”UNSITE”. 368 pages. Konnotation Press. New York, USA / Copenhagen, DK. 2014. (solo)
-Twentyfirst nr. 02. Cover and page 5, 41, 111. Arkitektens forlag/ The Danish Architectural Press. 2014.
-”Samlemappe No.1”. A collectively written catastrophe novel. Curated and published by Rasmus Brink Pedersen. Page 3,4,19,23,45,75,87,135,153, and Cover. 2013.
-Dear, no. 2. “On Dead Ends”. 52-53. Jac Studios. Coepnhagen, DK. 2012.
-”Asbjørn Skou / Armsrock – Impossible Society”. Vejle Museum of Art. Vejle, DK. 2011. (solo)
-”LYSLYD – In the cross field between art, urban development and innovation”. Page 90-99. Edited and published by KIT (Copenhagens International Theatre). Copenhagen, DK. 2011.
-”Dansk Gade Kunst”. Lasse Korsemann Horne. Side 119, 176-181. Copenhagen, DK. 2011.
-”Walk This Way”. Katrine Ring. Page 38, 39. Forlaget Radius. DK. 2011.
-”Street Art – Compiled and introduced by Ket”. Page 88, 89. Michael O’Mara Books Limited. London, UK. 2011.
-”Trespass – A history of uncommissioned urban art. Ethel Seno, Carlo McCormick, Marc and Sara Schiller/Woostercollective. Page 95,95. Published by Taschen. Cologne, DE. 2010.
-”VISAVIS No.3”. Frontpage, page 3, 50 and back cover. Www.visavis.dk. DK. 2010.
-“Street Art Cookbook, A guide to techniques and materials”, Benke Carlsson and Hop Louie. Page 16, 111, 126-128. Published by Dokument Press, Årsta. SE. 2010.
– ”Untitled. 3”. Page 41 and 146. Carpet Bombing Culture. UK. 2010.
-”Street Art New York”, Jamie Rojo og Steven P. Harrington. Inner sleave, page 1,165 and backcover. Published by Prestel. Munich, DE. 2010.
-“Brooklyn Street Art”, Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo. Front page and 6 and 95f. Published by Prestel. Munich, DE. 2008.
-“All my friends are made of paper”, Marc Schiller og Sara Schiller /“Woostercollective”. A collection of pictures and essays, with an introductionby Swoon. 120 pages. Published by Wooster Collective.New York, USA.2007. (solo).

Workshops and lectures

-Underviser Ærø Kunsthøjskole. Ærø. 2015, 2017, 2018.
-”Automatisk Mayakovsky / Det hjemsøgte bibliotek. Med Jacob Remin. KBH Læser / Blå gårds bibliotek. København, DK. 2016.
-Game Over – All your friends are dead. Med Søren Thilo Funder. Overgaden. København, DK. 2016.
– Hacking som kunstnerisk og kuratorisk praksis. DIAS Digital Interactive Art Space. København, DK. 2016
-”Ephemera Workshop: The disjointedness of time”. Copenhagen Business School. Copenhagen, DK. 2015.
-”An enemy of architecture”. Performance lecture. Metropolis. Copenhagen,DK. 2015.
-”3D to Infinity”. Tranen. Copenhagen, DK. 2015.
-Unsite, unbook, unrelease”. Kunsthal Charlottenborg. København, DK. 2014.
-”An enemy of architecture”. Metropolis laboratory. Copenhagen, DK. 2014.
-Artist talk. Rentemestervej Biblioteks Grafiske værksted. Copenhagen, DK. 2014.
-Artist talk & Studio visits. De Fynske Kunstakademi (Funen Art Academy). Odense, DK. 2013.
-”The City – Boundary Transgressions and Visual Expressions”. Studie for social antropologi v. Peter Bengtsen, Lunds University. Lund, SE. 2013.
-”Beyond The Pages”. Lecture in connection with seminar by Annemette Lichtenberg. The Danish school of Design, DKDS. Copenhagen, DK. 2013.
-”Writing side by side”. INSITU, Zbiroh Castle. November, Prag. CZ. 2012.
-”The City – Boundary Transgressions and Visual Expressions”. Study of Social anthropology v. Peter Bengtsen, University of Lund. SE. 2012.
-”Beyond The Pages”. Lecture in connection with seminar by Pulsk Ravn. The Danish school of Design, DKDS. Copenhagen, DK. 2012.
-”Re-Think History”. Three day workshop. Aarhus Art Academy. Aarhus, DK. 2011.
-”Impossible Society”. Folkeuniversitetet, Vejle Museum of Art, Vejle, DK. 2011.
-”How do we view the city? On artistic practice and intervention” Department for social anthropology v. Peter Bengtsen, Lunds University. SE. 2011.
-”Lecture on practice and theory”. Grundtvigs hoejskole. Hilleroed, DK. 2011.
-”Light, Art and Urban Space”. Talk in context of seminar on urban planning and development. Organized by the municipal of Frederiksberg. Copenhagen, DK. 2010.
-”Projekt: Passage / Works”. Talk in context of city seminar organised by Copenhagens International Theatre, in connection with LYSLYD. Copenhagen, DK. 2010.
-“Examples of art in public space”, Lecture. Gesamtschule Mitte. Bremen, DE. 2007.
-”Armsrock Artist talk”, Lecture. Organised by Marc Schiller/Electric Artists. 5INone gallery. New York, USA. 2007.
-”Why dont we get together and give this grey bubble a kick?”, lecture and workshop i samarbejde med Swoon. Periferika 06. Bilbao, ES. 2006.


–The Danish Art Workshops. Copenhagen, DK. 2015.
-Edition Copenhagen, Lithographic workshop, Artist of the year program. 2013.
-”Writing side by side”. INSITU, Zbiroh Castle. Prag. CZ. 2012.
-The Danish Art Workshops. Copenhagen, DK. 2011.
-Quartier 21. Museums Quartier Wien. Vienna, A. 2011.
-Print Workshop Hjoerring. Hjoerring, DK. 2010.


-The Danish Arts Council Committee for Visual Arts Work Grant 2016.
-The Danish Arts Council Committee for Visual Arts Work Grant 2015.
-Ragnvald og Ida Blix’ Foundation 2015.
-The Danish Arts Council Committee for Visual Arts Work Grant 2014.
-Aage and Yelva Nimb Foundations honorary grant. 2012.
-The Danish Arts Council Committee for Visual Arts Work Grant 2012.
-Danish Arts Foundation – Public Art Reward, for the exhibition ”Impossible Society” 2011.
-Beckett Fonden. Support for publication of exhibition catalogue. 2011
-Ole Haslunds kunstnerfonds rejselegat. 2011.
-Akademirådet / Carl Møllers Rejselegat. 2011.
-Danish Art Council’s Committee for Visual Arts – International Production Grant
-Danish Art Council’s Committee for Visual Arts – National Production Grant.