A Staggering Territory / Collage, xerox copy, cast concrete and found objects / Overgaden – Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, DK. 2015.
Photos by Anders Sune Berg.

The exhibition explores how architectural spaces influence the individual and how our inner and outer realities overlap. It investigates this relationship by staging the entire exhibition space as a visual terrain that urges the viewer
to reflect on how our social, ideological and cultural spaces constantly interact with our physical surroundings. In the works, architecture becomes a symbol of the connections between our spatial and mental universe and behind the
architectural surface something unknown is lurking. The exhibition consists of elements relating to the connections between architecture, the body and scale. Together they form a speculative architectural analysis that points towards a possible future scenario already emerging in contemporary urban space. The walls of the gallery are transformed into vast paper collages in which folded photographs of often overlooked urban infrastructure and dead zones – like multi-storey car parks, abandoned open-plan offices, motorway slip roads, tunnels and emergency exits – are mounted directly onto the walls. These large collages are broken by narrow tracks of shimmering, computer-generated images made from digital amalgamations of architectural mock-ups and extreme blow-ups of the photo-shopped bodies of popular culture. The last element of the exhibition is a series of concrete sculptures dispersed throughout the gallery. The sculptures are precise casts of a HP laser printer, and 500 sheets of Multitech Future printer paper with replicated packaging. These appear as technological fossils unearthed in an imagined future. Through a series of concrete and abstract geographies and their latent meanings, the exhibition offers a critical perspective on contemporary urban planning and its consequences which are presented as a precarious terrain balancing between disaster and utopia.

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